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What Does Second Mortgage Mean, And How Does It Work?

Second Mortgage

Second mortgages allow homeowners to borrow money against the equity at their own homes. They would not have to refinance their first mortgage. An amount up to 85% of your total home value can be borrowed. A second mortgage is only approved if you have at least 20% equity in your home. While applying for a second mortgage, you need to keep in mind that you have to apply separately, provide underwriting and close the previous loan.

Define Second Mortgage and how it works?

A second mortgage is a type of home loan where a lender approves to give another loan even when the first loan is not cleared. The homeowners use their home equity and borrow the second mortgage at lower rates of interest.

Second mortgages are paid off separately, and it has got nothing to do with the first mortgage.

Second-hand mortgage works-

  • This is a separate loan; hence it requires a separate application process, underwriting and loan closing, and monthly payments.
  • In case of any default on either of the mortgages, the first mortgage lender has to get paid first, then the second. This is risky, so the second mortgage lenders charge a higher rate of interest.
  • After the loan is closed, the second lender files a lien against your property, the same way the first lender did.

Why do people opt for second mortgages?

Most of the people opt for second-hand mortgages because:-

  • To expand the property in hand and improvements.
  • To invest in a business or organization.
  • To pay off the debt of higher interest.
  • To finance a vacation, wedding or any other bigtime purchases.

Advantages of  Second Mortgage

  1. You would not have to refinance your first mortgage as the second mortgage is separate.
  2. You will be able to draw money over time and only pay the interest which you are liable for.
  3. If you want to build your credit, it’s the best way as you pay the interest on time.
  4. In second mortgages, the loans are sometimes cheaper.

What is a Home Loan Payment Calculator?

Calculating EMI for the l loan amount taken can be complicated sometimes. Having varied interest rates and the principal loan amount can be tricky for people using MS Excel or normal calculators. So with the use of the Home Loan Payment Calculatorcomputing becomes a tad easy, and you get to know your loan amount per month in advance. With the Home Loan Payment Calculator, there is less complexity, zero errors, and the time taken is less. By putting the numbers according to the basic formula, it gives you the result in seconds along with visual charts displaying payment schedules and the break-up of total payment.

What are a Mortgage Loan Calculator and its use?

Mortgage Loan Calculator estimates the monthly mortgage payment precisely. The monthly payment estimates are broken down by principal, interest, property taxes and homeowners insurance. The Mortgage Loan Calculator serves as a major factor in your credit score range, ZIP code and HOA. It tends to give you a more precise payment estimate.The home buying process becomes easier with an accurate picture of calculating mortgage payments and making the necessary purchase.


Second Mortgages are a rescue for people who tend to purchase a new plot, or expand business or afford a vacation, with the emergence of a second mortgage, where there is no link with the first loan. This makes it easy for all the loan payers to pay off the interest and get it done with the loans. With the use of the respective loan calculators, the work gets easy as you get free hand knowledge about the amount you need to pay every month.

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