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Down Payment

How Much Do You Need For A Down Payment On A House?

Have you ever wondered how you start to save money for your house? The truth is that it can seem like an impossible task. But there are practical ways that you can start saving for your dream house. For example, with Home Loan Payment Calculator, you can calculate your loan amount quickly. It can be

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home equity

What exactly is Equity and Using Your Home as a Financial Tool

Most financial institutions consider home equity good collateral and are often willing to lend user money against this. Lenders may problem you a particularly unique check or provide you with a “chequebook” for you to access the loan when you need it. There are usually types to sign, as well as a simple approval. There

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Loans and mortgages

Loan vs Mortgage: All that you should know

Loans and mortgages are two terms that are most frequently used in the banking industry interchangeably. But, do you know that both and loan and mortgage have a significant difference in them? It might seem to be one of the same things for a layman, and almost everyone finds the two similar because both involve

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credit score

How Does A Mortgage Affect Your Credit Score?

Quite simply, our credit score is what holds our future potential for lenders to decide how good, or bad, we are as far as credit risk is concerned. It means that if we have a poor credit score, we might not stand a chance for a loan when we next apply, or if ever we

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